Heavy Duty Construction

The robust construction, demonstrated in the 30,404 lb. (13.820 kg) weight of the MS842W, provides for increased durability while allowing the MS842W the ability to work in heavy applications.

8′ x 4′ (2.4 m x 1.2 m) 4-Bearing Screen

The unique end to end crowning of the 8′ x 4′ (2.4 m x 1.2 m) MS842W screen box allows for higher production and more efficient separation than similarly sized flat screens.

On-Board Stockpiling Wing Conveyors

The on-board stockpiling conveyors allow for fast set up times by eliminating the need for off plant stacking conveyors. The self cleaning wing conveyors have a folding mechanism that provides a compact profile for transport while providing a stockpile height of 14’3″ (4,3 m).

Wing Conveyor Variable Speed Drive

The top screen deck wing conveyor hydraulic system allows the user to adjust the speed of the conveyor to control rollback of material providing for a safer and more efficient operation.

On-Board Product Conveyor

The folding mechanism of the on-board product conveyor allows for fast set up. It also provides a compact profile for transport, added strength, and a stockpile height of 3.8 m (12’6″).

Maintenance Platform

The maintenance platform on the MS842W extends across the rear portion of the screen and provides easy access to the screen panels for screen mesh replacement. Ladders with handrails are installed on both sides of the MS842W for access to the maintenance platform and to the remote screen bearing lubrication points.

Emergency Stop System

Every MS842W is equipped from the factory with an emergency stop system that will render the plant inoperable when activated, providing added safety for the operator.

Hammer Mill Shredder (Optional)

The optional Hammer Mill type shredder allows for more efficient separation of materials prior to screening than more traditional knife style shredders by impacting material on manganese faced hammers. Occasional contamination in the material (rocks, bricks, concrete) can be tolerated in the MS842W shredder.

Remote Control Tipping Grid

The optional remote control tipping grid function of the MS842W allows the operator to operate the screening plant from the seat of his loader or excavator increasing operator efficiency and plant production.

Standard Features

Remote control heavy duty tipping grid
Two-deck, four bearing 8’ x 4’ (2,4m x 1,2m) screen box
Hydraulic folding wing conveyors
Maintenance ladders and platform provides access to three sides of screen box
On site towing bar
Hydraulic Jack legs
Remote screen box greasing
Acoustic engine canopy
Emergency stop system
Hydraulic oil cooler
Light systems either 12v or 24v depending on destination


Hammer Mill shredder (as described above)
Alternative Cutting blades for peat, topsoil or mulch applications
ABS brakes
CE equipment (European models)




Deputy CEO
Jukka Sinkkilä
+358 500 240 002